With the belief that a compatibility with business culture is just as important to success as knowledge and experience, Tekberry takes pride in placing the correct talent with the correct environment. Our account representatives take the time not just to evaluate prospective employees for experience, but to understand the business culture of our clients and match candidates appropriately.

Tekberry hires quality contractors, pays them well and gives them health insurance, paid sick leave in some states, and paid holidays when available. So they’re happier and feel better about their work.

We attract higher quality contractors, so they’re more productive, and turnover rates are lower. In fact, over 35% of our contractors become permanent hires with our client companies.



Do you know someone looking for a job?

Well, Tekberry is looking for them! We need hard working, reliable employees and we think you may be able to help. And as a way of showing our appreciation for your efforts, Tekberry is offering a $100 payment for successful placements that you refer to us!



Here’s how it works:
    ●  Encourage your friends, family members, or anyone else to apply to any of Tekberry’s open
positions. Click here for current openings.
    ●  If your referral is placed in a job with one of our clients, you are eligible for the payment.
    ●  Once your referral successfully completes 30 days on the job, you will receive a $100 bonus
added to your next paycheck if you are a Tekberry employee. If you aren’t currently working
for Tekberry, you will receive a $100 Visa gift card instead.
    ●  The more people you refer, the more bonuses you can receive. No limits!
    ●  Important: the applicant must refer to you by name at the time of their application or when
someone from the Tekberry team calls them to interview them for a job. After-the-fact
claims for the bonus will be at Tekberry’s complete discretion to award or not.

Share this with people you know and help them earn some extra cash, too!
Everybody is eligible!

“I have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of Tekberry’s staff, and their dedication to meeting my sometimes abrupt and urgent needs. I really appreciate being to reach them after hours or on weekends in those need-help-now situations.”

Brenda T.

VP Engineering, Major Mechanical
Modeling Company